Georgian Demographic Society XXI

Georgian Demographic Society XXI is the Organizing Partner for World Congress of Families X.

Georgian Demographic Society XXI was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2013 to:

  • Support the improvement of extremely grave demographic situation in Georgia
  • Develop and implement short-term and long-term programs an legislative initiatives for country’s demographic development
  • Support and manage traditional marriage and strong family propaganda. Promote a large family and anti-abortion agenda aimed at combating country’s steep demographic decline

In the result of cooperation between the state Government and Georgian Demographic Society XXI Laws and programs have been imposed including: Free childbirth across the country; Increase of maternity leave and number of paid days; Monthly allowance for every third newborn child in the regions with demographic decline; Research based suggestions for pension system reform in progress, etc.

Regional Partnership:

  • On 17th May, 2014 with the regional partnership of Georgian Demographic Society XXI Tbilisi hosted first regional conference “Traditional family values in the modern world” held by World Congress of Families. The conference adopted the declaration of the regional conference of the World Congress of Families [The Tbilisi Declaration] regarding Georgia’s adoption of Law on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination.
  • On 17th May, 2015 with the regional partnership of Georgian Demographic Society XXI Tbilisi hosted regional conference “Western civilization and Traditional values” held by World Congress of Families. The conferences adopted the appeal on behalf of Government, Parliament and Supreme Court to strongly support and promote demographic issues and traditional family values on the state level.


An active pro-family advocate and WCF partner in Georgia Mr. Levan Vasadze is the founder and chairman of the supervisory board at the Georgian Demographic Society XXI.

Currently the Chairman of Prometheus Capital Partners investment firm, Mr. Vasadze has over 20 years of experience in private equity, investment banking and CEO operations. Mr. Vasadze has an MBA from Emory University in Atlanta and an MS in geophysics from Tbilisi State University.

Mr. Vasadze is the founder of Iakob Gogebashvili School located both in Kiketi and Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, with unique full day comprehensive educational program and has contributed to the funding and opening of several schools in different regions of Georgia.

Levan is the founder of Georgian traditional clothing industry Samoseli Pirveli – an initiative for saving, revival and promotion of Georgian traditional clothing culture. For many years, Levan has also been the sponsor of world renowned and Georgia’s leading church and folk polyphonic ensemble Basiani, currently in the status of the state ensemble.

Levan helped the Georgian Orthodox Church build and repair several churches and monasteries and built the Churchof St. Ekvtime Man of God in Kiketi.

Former professional rugby player and the member of Georgian Rugby Union board Levan is the founder of rugby club Junkers where over 200 boys practice rugby and has built a rugby club for them with 3 pitches.

Mr. Vasadze writes poetry, prose, is an appreciated guest lecturer at various universities, has appeared on popular political talk shows to defend Georgian traditional society and its roots in the era of globalization and has published essays on moral and social issues in Georgia.

Levan Vasadze is also the author of an October petition signed by 36 prominent Georgian intellectuals protesting a report by the EU’s Special Advisor on Human Rights, which criticized the nation’s treatment of so-called sexual minorities.

Levan Vasadze is married and father of 7 children.