World Congress of Families X

“Civilization at The Crossroads: The Natural Family As The Bulwark of Freedom and Human Values”


Day One: Sunday, May 15, 2016 - The International Day of Families proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237.


For international guests: Breakfast at the hotels. Morning: Enjoy free time in beautiful Tbilisi.  Attend morning worship services of your choice, directions available at your hotel.


1:00 PM Registration - Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel (1 Rose Revolution Square, Tbilisi, Georgia)


2:00 PM Opening Session – Education and Family at The Crossroads


2:00 – 4:00  Plenary #1 – Gender Theory and Sexuality Education - Education Challenges for Family and Parental Authority


Welcome: WCF X Chairman Levan Vasadze and WCF Manager Larry Jacobs 


Moderators Introduction: Larry Jacobs and Dom Duarte Pio (Duke of Braganza, Portugal)


  • Dr. Allan C. Carlson (USA) - Founder, World Congress of Families, and President Emeritus of The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society - “The Importance of Teaching the History of Family Systems”
  • Christine de Marcellus de Vollmer (Venezuela) – Member of the Pontifical Council for the Family  and the Pontifical Academy for Life, President of Latin American Alliance for the Family - “Gender theory and Sex Education undermining parental authority and the culture”
  • Natalia Yakunina  (Russia) - Chairman, Board of Trustees, “Sanctity of Motherhood”

Presentation of Russian program “Sanctity of motherhood“

  • Gabriele Kuby (Germany) – Writer, Sociologist and Author of „The Global Sexual Revolution: the Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom“ - “How the ideology of genderism is implanted in children through sexual education”
  • Louise Kirk (United Kingdom) - Alive to the World - “Transforming Sex Education”
  • Alessandro Fiore (Italy) – ProVita, Italy - “Gender Education"


4:00 – 4:30 PM - Coffee Break, refreshments


4:30 – 6:00 PM Plenary #2  - Parental Rights To Educate Their Children – Alternatives to Public Schooling


Moderator’s Introduction – Irina Shamolina

  • Irina Shamolina  (Russia) - Advisor on Home Education Development, Patriarchal Commission on Family, Maternity and Childhood Protection of the Russian Orthodox Church - “Why home educate?”
  • Father Josiah Trenham (USA) - St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California, founder and director of Patristic Nectar Publication - «Home education and Christianity»
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Carlson (USA) – Educator, Burpee Museum of Natural History and Homeschooling Parent - "Practical Aspects of Home Education"
  • Dr. Brian D. Ray (USA) – Founder and President of National Home Education Research Institute  - “The Obscured Long-Term Pro-Family Solution: No Statist Indoctrination of Children”


Conclusions and Wrap-Up


For international guests: Free Time – enjoy blooming May in Tbilisi and Dinner on Your

Monday, May 16, 2016 Day Two: World Congress of Families X

Civilization at The Crossroads: The Natural Family as the Bulwark of Freedom and Human Values - Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall

11:00 – Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall (P. Melikishvili St. 0179, Tbilisi, Georgia)

Guests Arrival / Partner exhibition hall open

Opening Ceremony of WCF X  

  • Host Flag Transfer – Ceremonial Transfer of WCF Banner from 2015 Host, Salt Lake City, US, to 2016 Host, Tbilisi, Georgia – Levan Vasadze (Georgia) and Stan Swim (U.S.)
  • Welcome from Levan Vasadze - Chairman, WCF X and Chairman of Georgian Demographic Society 21
  • Blessings and Keynote Address: Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, the Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi and Metropolitan Bishop of Abkhazia and Bichvinta, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II
  • Welcome to WCF X  and Introductions – Larry Jacobs, WCF Managing Director
  • Levan Vasadze - Chairman, WCF X and Chairman of Georgian Demographic Society 21
  • Highlights of WCF IX, Stanford D. Swim (US) – Chairman of WCF IX. President of GFC Foundation Board Chairman at Sutherland Institute
  • Recognition and Introduction of Guests and Dignataries
  • Scheduled Keynote Address from Mr. Sandor Szabo, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to Georgia


Plenary #1 Civilization and Family At The Crossroads



  • Dr. Allan Carlson (USA) - Founder and former International Secretary, World Congress of Families, and former CEO and president of The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society – “The Natural Family in a Sensate World”
  • Brian Brown (USA) - National Organization for Marriage (NOM) - “Uniting Liberalism's Discontents:  Thoughts on the Emerging International Conservative Movement”
  • Father Josiah Trenham (USA) - St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside, California and founder and director of Patristic Nectar Publications - “Gay Iconoclasm: Holding the Line against the LGBT Ideology”

2:00 – 2:50 PM - Lunch Break, Exhibitions, and Networking

3:00 – 4:40 PM – Plenary #2 Civilization and Family At The Crossroads

Video Greetings from Kevin Andrews, MP and Former Defense Minister, Australia

Moderator: Larry Jacobs, WCF Manager

  • E. Douglas Clark – Interim President of the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society – “Introduction to the Howard Center and the International Pro-Family Movement”
  • Elder Larry S Kacher (USA) - Member of the Europe East Area Presidency, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Senator Antoni SzymaƄski (Poland) -  Member of Polish Parliament – Return to Family Values
  • Igor Dodon (Moldova) - Moldovan politician and leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova - “Attacks on Natural Family – Christian Response”
  • Christine de Marcellus de Vollmer (Venezuela) - President of Latin American Alliance for the Family - “Raising the Next Generations for Virtue and Honor: An Urgent Need”
  • Alexey Komov (Russia) - WCF Representative in  Russia and CIS  - “The World’s Elites, Neo-Marxism and Gender Ideology”
  • Luca Volonte (Italy) – Italian Politician, former President of the European People's Party in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and President, Novae Terrae Foundation  - “Georgia the Gold Cossroad”
  • Theresa Okafor (Nigeria) - Foundation for African Cultural Heritage - “The Family on the Brink of Civilization Crises”
  • Natalia Yakunina (Russia) - Chairman, Board of Trustees, “Sanctity of Motherhood” - “Different Approaches to Sexuality Education: European Union In Contrast to Other Nations”
  • Ignacio Arsuaga (Spain) – Founder and CEO, CitizenGo and President, HazteOir – “How to Win The Culture War”

5:00 – For Speakers and VIP guests - Transfer, welcome and gala-dinner at Funicular Restaurant with magnificent view on Tbilisi

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 Day 3 – FAMILY DAY in GEORGIA

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel

Civilization at The Crossroads: Culture of Life or Culture of Death?!


09:30 – 10:00 – Registration


10:00 – 11:30 The Natural Family at a Crossroads: Three Parallel Sessions


Session #1 – Family and Marriage: Defending the Natural Family

  • Introduction – Larry Jacobs, Manager, World Congress of Families
  • Video Address from Dr. Paige Patterson (USA) - President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Greetings to World Congress of Families X, Tbilisi, Georgia, 201
  • Rev. Gregory C.V. Johnson (USA) - President of Standing Together in SLC, UT and At-Large Board member of the National Association of Evangelicals - “And God created…FAMILY”
  • James Kushiner (USA) - The Fellowship of St. James  - “Is the Family the Basic Unit of Society? Yes, But It’s a Great Deal More Than That“
  • Tea Gogotishvili (Georgia) - PhD Psychologist, Professor of St. Andrew Georgian University, EAGT Accredited Psychotherapist – “The Role of Mother and Father in the Formation of Personality"
  • Paul Diamond (United Kingdom) - an independent practicing barrister and Standing Counsel to the Christian Legal Centre, a sister organization of Christian Concern - “The Preservation of Christian Freedoms: the intolerance of the ‘tolerant’.”
  • Father Thomas J. Loya, STB., MA. (USA) - Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Parish in Homer Glen, IL - “The Mystical Meaning of Who Man is for Woman and Who Woman is for Man”
  • Dr. Everett Piper (USA) - President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University - “Pro-Woman and Proud of It


Session #2 – Family and Marriage Issues: Challenges to Family and Humanity

  • Moderators Introduction – Luca Volonte
  • Video: Janice Shaw Crouse Greeting – WCF IX Executive Director
  • Doctor Candi Finch (USA) – Assistant Professor of Theology in Women's Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - “The Sexual Revolution and Cultural Marxism: How Political Correctness and the Pursuit of Personal Pleasure Has Damaged Young Women“
  • Friedrich Hansen (Germany) - Physician and writer - “Grand Rivals of the Family”
  • Lech Kowalewski – President of The Friends of Human Life Foundation; Organizer of WCF in Poland  - “How the West fell into the trap of the death culture“
  • Stephen Phelan (USA) – Director of Mission Communications, Human Life International - “Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power”
  • Steve Weber - Regional Director at Christian Broadcasting Network - “The Fatherless Generation”
  • Douglas H. Napier (USA) - Executive director of ADF International - “Who’s My Father? When Institutions of Government Seek to Take Over the Institution of Marriage and Family”


Session #3 – Demographic Winter, Family Size, and the Dignity and Sanctity of Human Life

  • Moderator Introduction: Alexey Komov
  • Video: Dr. Alveda King Greeting (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Director, Priests for Life)
  • Don Feder (USA) – Coalitions Director and Coordinator of Regional Events, WCF - “The Sexual Revolution and Demographic Winter”
  • Igor Beloborodov (Russia) – Head of the Department of Demography, Migration and Ethno-religious problems of Russian Institute for Strategic Studies - “Demographic Reality:  Global and Continental Analysis”
  • Dr. Ligaya Acosta (Philippines) - Regional director of Asia and Oceania at Human Life International - “Population Control and the False Compromise of Contraception”
  • Marina Kacharava (Georgia) –
  • Fabrice Sorlin (France) - WCF Representative in France  - “European Union and Culture of Death. Why we still should hope?”
  • Toni Brandi (Italy) – Pro Vita, Italy - “The World Trade of Surrogacy and Female/Male Gametes“


11:30 – 11:50 – Break with lunch and networking

11:50 – 1:00 pm Three Parallel Sessions

Session #4 – Standing at the Crossroads: Culture of Life vs. Culture of Death #1

  • Moderator’s introduction: James Kushiner 
  • Silvio Dalla Valle (Italy) - Association for the Defense of Christian Values  - “The Case for the Civil Unions Law in Italy: Lessons to be learned”
  • Ewa Kowalewska (Poland) - Executive Director of Human Life International – Poland; Organizer of WCF in Warsaw, Poland - Gender pressure on countries of Central and Eastern Europe employed by the Council of Europe and the European Union directed against the natural family and fertility”
  • Vladimir Mishchenko (Russia) - Asst. Director, Sanctity of Motherhood
  • Veranika Siardziuk (Belarus) - Chairman of NGO "Center of support of family and motherhood "MATULIA". - “State policy and activity of public organizations in the protection of life and traditional values in the Republic of Belarus”


Session #5 – Standing at the Crossroads: Culture of Life vs. Culture of Death #2

  • Moderator’s introduction – Rev. Gregory Johnson
  • Susan Roylance – International Policy and Social Development Coordinator Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society - “Family Policy, as impacted by United Nations Treaties and Conference Documents”
  • Mauro Properzi  (USA) – Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University - “Religion and Family: Allies in Soul-making”
  • Nicholeen Peck (USA) – Worldwide Organization for Women - “Counter Cultural Parenting: Combating the Attack on Family Relationships”


Session #6Abortion – Impact on Mothers, Family and Society

  • Moderator’s Introduction – William Thorn - professor at Marquette University
  • Evan Lenow (USA) – Professor, Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, Texas - “Deconstructing the Arguments for Abortion”
  • Babette Francis (Australia) – Endeavour Forum - “Abortion and Breast Cancer”
  • Vicki Thorn (USA) – Founder of the National Office for Post Abortion Reconciliation and Healing and Project Rachel. Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life- Understanding Post-Abortion Healing work

1:00 pm - Gather andjoin the traditional Family March in honor of Georgian Family Day Celebration (From Rose Square near Radisson Hotel to Holy Trinity (Sameba) Cathedral) and attend the short prayer service by His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II

3:00 pm – For VIPs and speakers: Transfer to Bagrationi Winery – Wine degustation + Dinner –and transfer to Rustaveli Theatre: WCF X Closing Ceremony: Starting at 7 pm


7:00pm Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi - WCF X Closing Ceremony

  • Levan Vasadze – Closing Speech
  • Larry Jacobs – WCF Special Awards
  • Allan Carlson – The WCF Tbilisi Declaration of 2016
  • Dr. Everett Piper – “Do We Have to Stand Up and Speak Out?”
  • "Where Do We Go From Here”and Announcement of the Opening of Bid and Selection Process for WCF XI (Confirmed Participants include Portugal, Hungary, Kenya, and Argentina)
  • Special Music and Dance Performances – Georgian StateAcademic Folk Songand Dance Ensemble Erisioni



Day 4: World Congress of Families X – for VIPs and Speakers

Wednesday, May 18


9:00 - 5:00pm Special VIP Sightseeing, Networking, and International Planning and Strategy Session / Host: Levan Vasadze / Dinner