They say beauty can be indescribably sublime, when it comes to Georgia! Come and join us in the birthplace of winemaking and polyphony and one of the oldest authentic cultures in the world with its own unique alphabet, language and a 6 thousand year long state tradition. Georgia (საქართველო - Saqartvelo) located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, between Black and Caspian Seas and mythical Caucasus mountains is legendary for its beauty and hospitality.

When you come to Georgia enjoy the celebration of life and fundamental human values as you have never seen it before. Attend the WCF X program full of the true wisdom of speech and the unique Georgian culture of magical dance, polyphonic singing, delicious cuisine and exquisite Georgian wine surrounded by breathtaking views.

  • Jubilee 10th World Congress of Families - which is the first WCF in an Orthodox country – is blessed by His Holiness and Beatitude the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II who will honor us with His presence and participation.
  • WCF X is open to Georgian public to come and listen and all the addresses are plenary for your word to be widely heard.
  • As the country at the crossroads we want to ensure participation from Western countries as well as from Asia, Middle East and Post-Soviet Union.
  • The opening session will take place at Tbilisi’s Philharmonic Concert Hall in the heart of the city, with a capacity of 2,200 in the main hall.

And what happens at World Congress of Families X in Tbilisi will have a profound impact on family policy throughout Europe.

Be the part of this celebration of life in the heart of Caucasus so that traveling back home you could always say: "Until You have seen Georgia, You have seen nothing". 


Main Theme: Civilization at a Crossroads: Civilization at the Crossroads: The Natural Family as The Bulwark of Freedom and Human Values

Among the timely topics to be discussed at World Congress of Families X are:

  • The Family as the natural and fundamental group unit of society
  • The obligation of society and the state to support and defend the natural family
  • Marriage as the foundation of family life
  • Marriage deconstruction in the name of equality
  • The role of religion in supporting the family
  • Parental rights to guide children's education
  • Declining fertility (Demographic Winter)
  • Abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy and other life issues
  • Gender theory and sexuality education and how they undermine the family and parental authority
  • Anti-family indoctrination in education, media and the courts
  • The Sexual Revolution and Cultural Marxism.